All lyrics written by Sharon Fendrich.  

Call of the Ruins: 

Hebrew Translation by Ital (z”l) Dewar 

Here in this place where you walked, where you prayed and where you cried, I hear your prayer and taste your tears. 

Runic Roots: 

The chanted word is Ansuz, the “a” rune of the Elder Futhark (the eldest form of the runic alphabets.) As the Anglo-Frisian languages developed, the Ansuz rune was split into three - one of which became Āc, which led to the word “oak”. Ansuz is commonly associated with breath, sound, the voice of the universe, music, the power of hypnosis, inspiration, and listening to one’s own inner voice.  

Sapphire Oak: 

Sapphire Oak I feel your song stir inside my weary soul.
Sapphire Oak I hear your song calling me to carry on.
Sapphire Oak, I see your song light the path to where I belong.
Sapphire Oak, I will sing your song, ev'ry day my whole life long. 

Sung in Ta’ek, a language Sharon devised. 

Ge klad dokh ya rade 
Um yi red a kha ya size 
Tzafir dokh mes mosh ta 
Ek dokh stu’ah

Tzafir ta, kmo Ek stu’ah

English translation:
My song is your compass 
Let it lead you to your calm 
Sapphire is the color of love 
Oak is strength   
Sapphire is love, and Oak, strength


Under Her Canopy:  

Lyrics translation by Audrey Nickel, Bryan Mullan, Mickey Woods 

Irish lyrics:
Éist, a thaisce,  
Bím leatsa i gcónaí. 
Féach suas, go bhfeice tú a foscadh.
Cloisim siosarnach sna duilleoga tharainn 
Sín amach do lámha, ar nós an Crann Darach. 
Go raibh a fréamhacha mar chosán romhat. 
Airím chomh slán sin anseo. 
Bím leatsa i gcónaí. 
Fásfaidh mé ar a scáth. 
Fásfaidh tú ar a scáth. 
Leatsa I gcónaí. 
Breathnaímid le bród ar a ceannbhrat.

English Translation: 
Listen, my darling,
I am always with you.
Look up and see her shelter.
I hear a whisper in the leaves around us.
Stand tall. Seas go hard. 
Reach out your arms, as the Oak tree.
Stand tall. Seas go hard. 
May her roots be as a path before you.
I feel so safe here.
I am always with you.
I will grow in her shelter.
You will grow under her shelter
… with you always
We gaze with pride upon her canopy.