WINNER ZMR 2019 Best Neo-Classical Album 
WINNER ZMR 2019 Best New Artist 
WINNER Peace Song Awards 2020 New Age Song, Jury 
WINNER Peace Song Awards 2020 New Age Song, Public
One World Music Radio: 2020 Best Neo-Classical Album, 2nd
Global Music Awards, Nov. 2019, Silver Medal  
One World Music Radio: People's Choice Award, nominee   
GRAMMY Awards, 2019, first round ballot
#1 Top 100 Chart, October 2019, One World Music Radio   
#7 on the New Age Music Chart by BT Fasmer, Sept 2019


Passionate and emotive...a work of musical magnificence. It’s THE best album I’ve heard this year, and I have heard a lot of extremely, outrageously beautiful music this year. 

-Dyan Garris

This album is exceptional!! One of the best I have heard in the last couple of years, and right up there with Secret Garden's latest album Storyteller - very beautiful and heartfelt. A wonderful addition to any music library. It will garner plenty of airplay on Shades of Classics!

-John Iverson, Shades of Classics 
CKUW, Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada

Red Sky Prairie beautifully epitomizes neoclassical new age exquisiteness with its striking combination of gentle piano and voice set to mellifluous orchestral ensembles. A serenely heartfelt album I’d say was long overdue within this wing of the genre, Red Sky Prairie is arguably one of the most outstanding neoclassical new age albums this year! 

-Candice Michelle 

Red Sky Prairie is 2019’s finest debut album and establishes Fendrich as one of the most promising New Age music artists today. . .hands down the best debut album since 2014. Fendrich has the ability to take this genre to new heights.

-BT Fasmer

This is quite simply a stunning debut album. Her ‘stream of consciousness’ writing is both complex and yet utterly charming. She has an exciting future ahead as she takes her place among our genre’s elite!

-David Wahler
2018 ZMR Best Album for Relaxation/Meditation

Sharon Fendrich's music on RED SKY PRARIE induces a sonic bath of angelic and serene moods. The selections on this release have a very peaceful and relaxing sense of lulling the listener to a pensive state of mind with very pretty overtones.

-The Tom Skelly Show
KSPC 88.7FM, Claremont, California

Red Sky Prairie is a game changer to the world of New Age / Neo classical music. This record is one which should not only be heard, but listened to. Each song is constructed with soothing layers, creating a well balanced soundscape. More than a "put it on in the background recording", this is an album whose aural pleasure increases with each listen. I recommend listening on headphones and becoming immersed in this windswept prairie journey. 

-Bruce Maddocks, Mastering Engineer  
*Hans Zimmer’s Original Soundtrack, Pirates of the Caribbean


For a debut, I do not think it could be any better. If this was a veteran artist releasing their second, third or fourth release, it would be praised as a major accomplishment. The music can interpret the oneness mankind should feel with the nature that sustains us. Red Sky Prairie serves as a reminder of that one prolific meaning in all our lives.

-Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Red Sky Prairie is one of the most impressive releases I have heard for many a year, full flowing productions, moving segments of a flourishing narrative that contain a lush multi-instrumental nature. If I could only recommend one album this year onward, this would be it, an utterly sublime, completely charming and passionate release, it really doesn’t get any better than this. 

-Steve Sheppard
CEO One World Music Radio 


Red Sky Prairie is [a] beyond impressive debut album. It truly needs to be heard. Do your ears, mind and soul a favor and check it out!  

-Kathy Parsons
Mainly Piano

...a beautiful example of compositional mastery, gorgeous melodies and well constructed harmonies that really show not only a great knowledge of music composition, but a unique creative voice .... For any fan of beautifully composed evocative music - this is for you! ... transports the listener to just that place, you can almost feel the wind on your cheeks and see the scenic views. It’s hard to believe this is her debut album, you can really tell she has so much to say through music, and knows how to say it. 

-Taylor Ambrosio Wood Review 

John Iverson, "Shades of Classics" - CKUW 95.9 
“A Musical Masterpiece”  

July 28, 2019  

This is an exceptional musical masterpiece from Sharon Fendrich, particularly when you consider the fact that this is her debut album. The eleven selections on this album are very beautiful, expressive and passionate, and are genuinely memorable musical masterpieces. Sharon Fendrich is an extraordinary composer, with an opus of very well crafted and beautifully arranged musical creations.  

The performances from pianist Sharon Fendrich, four world-class Dutch musicians, and the stunning Russian soprano Anna Emelyanova are outstanding, heartfelt and nothing short of breathtaking! The well-balanced and varied combinations of piano, cello, violin, flute and voice paint a vivid picture on “Red Sky Prairie”. I find it really hard to pick a favourite among the pieces on this album, as every song stands out brilliantly on its own. But as a collective they form a musical treasure trove of sound, colour, character and beauty.  

Red Sky Prairie is certainly one of the best albums in the new age/neo-classical genre to be released this year. And I would definitely place Sharon Fendrich in the same extraordinary class of musical artists as Secret Garden, David Lanz, and Loreena McKennitt. This album is an absolute must have for all lovers of heartfelt new age or neo-classical music!  

Rating: Excellent 

BT Fasmer - 98/100

September 27, 2019 

When music makes you daydream, that’s a sure sign of quality. Let your mind wander, and the music will take you anywhere in a heartbeat. It is one of the best feelings there is. Shanon Fendrich’s debut album “Red Sky Prairie” is such an album. But that is not all; it comes with a set of ready-made daydreams which inspired Fendrich’s creative process. “Red Sky Prairie” is 2019’s finest debut album and establishes Fendrich as one of the most promising New Age music artists today. 

Sharon Fendrich was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, USA. She began music studies at age three and completed advanced studies in piano, choral music, conducting, orchestration and composition in college at Tufts University. Her current vocal studies include opera, jazz, and musical theatre. 

This episode of Dream Mixtape is dedicated to “Red Sky Prairie”:

L’dor Vador 
When reviewing and analyzing music, the question is always; what is it about? What stories are told? Usually, there’s quite a bit of guessing. The good thing about “Red Sky Prairie” is that Sharon has included a quite descriptive text, a story, that guides us into her world of music. She writes: “The inspiration for the album came from a daydream I had about a place where the sky was filled with dusty, red-orange, luscious hues after the passing of a storm. A hushed early evening breeze had fallen upon a prairie. I saw myself at various ages residing in a weather-worn white farmhouse, able to feel the emotions of the phases of life. A profound sensation of safety and peace permeated the air in this scene and the feeling has stayed with me ever since. “Red Sky Prairie” was born.” 
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Dyan Garris,
-for Zone Music Reporter, New Age CD, and Spirit Seeker Magazine  

October 6, 2019 

“The love and care that was put into “Red Sky Prairie” is evident in EVERY note. It literally pours out of this album and seeps deeply into our hearts like silken salve for the spirit. And there it remains.” 
– Dyan Garris 

“Red Sky Prairie” is the extraordinarily beautiful debut album by the extraordinarily talented Sharon Fendrich. Remember that name, because I’m sure you’ll be hearing it a lot now and in the future. Passionate and emotive, I hope I am able to find the right words to effectively describe this work of musical magnificence. It’s THE best album I’ve heard this year, and I have heard a lot of extremely, outrageously beautiful music this year.
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Steve Sheppard
-One World Music Radio

Listen to the audio review here:

It is not often that I get to review the work of a debut artist I know personally, especially one that I remember so well from a meeting with our friend David Lanz. And, Fendrich names Lanz as one of her musical heroes. So here now, with the release of this, her debut album Red Sky Prairie, she takes her first steps into the world of becoming an official recording artist, and what stunning first few footfalls they are indeed.

Red Sky Prairie is part of the new and growing revolution in music called Neo-Classical, and this addition must probably rank as one of the most impressive to be released for many years. The starting point of our voyage of tone is a track called L’Dor Vador. Ok, so I had to look this one up as my Hebrew is one of many languages I have no grasp of at all, it means “from generation to generation.” The softness of touch on this piece was so noticeable and the added instrumentation and vocals would go on to make this simply the best start to an album I have heard for years.

On A Secret’s Song we have a film score waiting to happen, a tribute to the work of James Horner (Somewhere Out There) maybe, but a full flowing, emotional and moving opus indeed. Fendrich follows the passionate refrains from an excellently played Violin (Wilfred Sassen) and thus the result is pure genius bathed in the beauty of a truly moving arrangement.
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Ketih "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


November 2, 2019

Red Sky Prairie is the debut album of Sharon Fendrich. It is a mixture of gorgeous new-age inspired neo-classical instrumentals and influences of the opera that the artist witnessed growing up at live presentations. She has been a student of music since the age of 3. There are not too many people in this world that can say that. The strong influence of family brought Sharon to this point in life to bring listeners her first recording. 

Red Sky Prairie carries with it a message of the calm after the storm. The picture you see on the cover is an example of the beauty of transformation and strength of mother nature. And how the nature of our human spirit grows, learns, and rises above the storms of life and comes out the other side stronger and ready to face whatever comes our way. Hopefully, this process is a learning experience for every listener. 

The meaning of this album is just as important as the music, it is one entity reaching out like the branches of a tree growing higher towards the sun. While this is happening, the roots grow deeper and give the tree the anchors in the ground to remain with us for many years. Note the one tree standing in the picture fully intact after the storm. The image provides insight and a clear message to those that are receptive to it.

This is what the entire experience will do, it will continue to grow and establish its roots in your psyche and soul. Most trees and music for that matter will outlive us all and their permanence and importance go beyond words and our understanding. The music can interpret the oneness mankind should feel with the nature that sustains usRed Sky Prairie serves as a reminder of that one prolific meaning in all our lives. 

The core of the music is the piano. Sharon lays down the foundation with exceptional passion and grace. Her piano gives the other instruments in the mix an opportunity to join in seamlessly. Like the flow of water from a stream to the ocean, it is natural and effortless. The violin, flutes, cello and the voice of Anna Emelyanova in some of the tracks allow for a very cinematic reach. The classical roots remain intact and the new age flavor will give it an ambiance and texture that allows for a crossover appeal to several audiences that would find a deep appreciation for what is being presented in the eleven tracks.

I chose “Within Whispers” to add to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist for its simplicity and stunning beauty. It was like walking on a cloud in my mind’s eye. The track draws you in immediately and provides that deep breath and subsequent exhale of relief and comfort. This is what music such as this can provide to a listener. That is but one example of many that you will enjoy on Red Sky Prairie.

For a debut, I do not think it could be any better. If this was a veteran artist releasing their second, third, or fourth release, it would be praised as a major accomplishment. I think that says it all.

Kathy Parsons
-Mainly Piano


September 30, 2019

Red Sky Prairie is the beyond impressive debut album from Sharon Fendrich. Calling Fendrich a “pianist/composer” only scratches the surface as she also produced the album, wrote lyrics for the five pieces that have lyrics (in five different languages, no less!), orchestrated the music and traveled to The Netherlands to record and mix the album at Kerani Music Studio with Arno Op den Camp, the engineer behind award-winning neoclassical artist, Kerani.

Born and raised in Eugene, OR, Fendrich started her music studies at the age of three. Exposed to symphony orchestras, opera, ballet and other stage performances as a child, she continued piano and choral studies through college at Tufts University. After college, she continued to explore music composition while working in marketing, development and production roles for the La Jolla Music Society and the San Diego Chamber Orchestra in California. With a background in classical and ambient music, Fendrich brings a wealth of experience to her original music and makes it sound effortless. Red Sky Prairie offers eleven tracks that can provide a soundtrack to listeners’ dreams and memories. In addition to Fendrich on piano, there are four Dutch soloists: violinist Wilfred Sassen, cellist Joep Willems, flutists Helen Hendriks and Ies Muller, plus Russian vocalist Anna Emelyanova.

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R J Lannan
-Artisan Music Reviews


August 28, 2019

Pianist and composer Sharon Fendrich offers eleven warm, delicate, and delightful pieces on her new album Red Sky Prairie. Her lavish compositions are a mixture of contemporary themes with just a hue of cinematic undertones. Many of the tracks feature the rich, melodic voice of Anna Emelyanova. She gives the album a touch of the seraphic. In addition, joining Sharon’s delightful piano arrangements are Helen Hendriks on flute and Ies Muller on Irish flute. Joep Willems plays cello and Wilfred Sassen plays violin. Over all the light ensemble pieces are a testament to the texture and beauty that make up the fabric that is America’s heartland. Each of the works are vignettes that were created by memories in Sharon’s life. Through her amazing music, we are witness to her deepest thoughts and most vivid impressions.

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Candice Michelle
Aural Awakenings and

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, pianist-composer and vocalist Sharon Fendrich began her music studies at age three. Eventually releasing her debut album, Red Sky Prairie, Fendrich travelled to the small town of Stein in the Netherlands to record the project at Kerani Music Studio with engineer Arno Op de Camp. Comprised of eleven compositions spanning an hour, Red Sky Prairie beautifully epitomizes neoclassical new age exquisiteness with its striking combination of gentle piano and voice set to mellifluous orchestral ensembles. Showcasing the contributing impeccable talents of Russian vocalist Anna Emelyanova, cellist Joep Willems, violinist Wilfred Sassen, and flautists Helen Hendriks and les Muller, Red Sky Prairie brilliantly boasts emotionally therapeutic and harmonious arrangements of utmost pristine elegance.

Employing heavenly choral and soprano vocals sung in English, Spanish, Latin and Yiddish along the way, Fendrich’s soul-elevating compositions create an atmosphere of divine love, peace and hope. Some outstanding examples include transcendently radiant “Song of the Dove”, an angelic aria sung in the international language of Esperanto. Fendrich also adds intriguingly subtle touches of magic throughout, one example being the sounds of crickets singing softly at the close of the album’s title track. Several pieces touch on notably tender subjects, such as the September 11th dedicated final number, “That September Day”, which concludes the album with a pastoral sense of remembrance, healing and comfort.

Striking a perfect balance of innocence and maturityRed Sky Prairie is a stunning accomplishment for an artist debut that will surely soothe the minds and hearts of many adults and children alike. Drawing inspiration from the new age, Celtic and classical music genres, listeners especially who enjoy everything from Secret Garden to David Lanz will find much to cherish herein. A serenely heartfelt album I’d say was long overdue within this wing of the genreRed Sky Prairie is arguably one of the most outstanding neoclassical new age albums this year!