1. Sapphire Oak

From the recording Sapphire Oak

For thousands of years sapphire blue has been seen as a color of protection from harm or illness and a guard against envy. It is a sign of loyalty, honesty, and peace. I believe that if the wisdom and strength of the oak were to emit a color, it would be sapphire blue. And if we were to tune in to that radiance, and guidance, the trust and the loyalty, we would feel grounded and connected to all living things.


Sapphire Oak, I feel your song stir inside my weary soul. Sapphire Oak, I hear your song calling me to carry on. Sapphire Oak, I see your song light the path to where I belong. Sapphire Oak, I will sing your song, ev'ry day my whole life long.

Chorus: Sung in Ta’ek, a language devised by Sharon Fendrich

Ge klad dokh ya rade
My song is your compass

Um yi red a kha ya sizde
Let it lead you to your calm

Tzafir dokh mes mosh ta
Sapphire is the color of love

Ek dokh stu’ah
Oak is strength

Tzafir ta, kmo Ek stu’ah
Sapphire is love, and Oak, strength