From the recording Sapphire Oak

In Celtic tradition the bond between mother and daughter was sacred. Together with the knowledge that women were known for their physical strength and never being thought of as property, it surely was one of the best times in history to be a woman. But all women begin as young girls looking up to their mothers for guidance and love. Now, let's think about our Sapphire Oak, as a female energy who guides and protects, who holds fast as an honorable figure of strength. Her roots are the same that generations before have stood over, and will continue to expand as time passes and the next generations grow. In this piece we hear the voice of the mother, the daughter, and the chorus of the female ancestors enveloping them in comfort and love.


In Irish: (lyrics by Sharon Fendrich)

Listen, my darling,
Éist, a thaisce,

I am always with you.
Bím leatsa i gcónaí.

Look up and see her shelter.
Féach suas, go bhfeice tú a foscadh.

I hear a whisper in the leaves around us.
Cloisim siosarnach sna duilleoga tharainn

Stand tall.
Seas go hard.

Reach out your arms, as the Oak tree.
Sín amach do lámha, ar nós an Crann Darach.

Stand tall.
Seas go hard.

May her roots be as a path before you.
Go raibh a fréamhacha mar chosán romhat.

I feel so safe here.
Airím chomh slán sin anseo.

I am always with you.
Bím leatsa i gcónaí.

I will grow in her shelter.
Fásfaidh mé ar a scáth.

You will grow under her shelter
Fásfaidh tú ar a scáth.

… with you always
Leatsa I gcónaí.

We gaze with pride upon her canopy.
Breathnaímid le bród ar a ceannbhrat.