by Vivek Kumar
New Music

Composed, arranged, and produced by Sharon Fendrich, ‘Sapphire Oak‘ is an album that creates an exclusive genre for itself by virtue of its completely original and unique theme and music. The magnetic tunes of the album bestow a visceral and thematic experience to the listeners, uniting the disbanded humanity by transporting the souls to an angelic realm. This is the second album by the award-winning artist and it has impressed me beyond compare with an unearthly appeal. 

The ideal setting 

As a lucky coincidence, I happened to listen to this album when a cool rainy day intervened to relieve me from the scorching heat of the blazing summer. Especially around this time, you can’t help but appreciate the soothing effect of nature on your body and mind. The mesmerizing tracks of the album further elevated my moods taking me on a voyage to heavenly abodes, virtually promoting the greatest indulgence with nature’s scenes, powers, and transforming force. 

The album is bound to have a soothing and calming effect on you, which is at once highly energizing too. I would call this album, a socket to recharge your soul. If you are serious about acquiring what the album promises, get relieved from the crippling routines of your days and escape to a utopian setting and time to commit yourself completely to the magic of its music. The album is releasing on June 10, 2022. 

Drawing from the classical beliefs 

The concept and theme of ‘Sapphire Oak’ have drawn heavily from mythology and classical beliefs and that is why it carries a timeless appeal and power to unfold the mission it intends to achieve with the audience. Many poets, philosophers, thinkers, and artists have time and again stressed the importance of going back to the past to draw lessons to remedy the ills of the present. 

When she looks towards the oak tree for its blessings for humanity, the author visualizes the oak to be radiating an aura glowing in sapphire blue color, and hence she has coined the name of the album thus. The whole effort of the composer is geared towards tuning the minds and hearts of the audience towards the radiance of the ‘Sapphire Oak‘ and as a consequence, feel grounded and connected to all lives on the earth. 

#1 – Sea of Oaks (5:33) 

Born in the forest, the oak tree is built into ships and then moves to the sea. While it is on a proud mission upon the waters, it also has a nostalgic aching to get back to its home in the grove. This opus brings in front of your eyes, the majestic journey of the wood on the wavy waters, while also containing an element of longing to go back home. The story of oak is the story of every man – confronting the need to translocate while craving to remain part of his place of origin. 

# 2 – Leaves of Glory (3:40) 

Mighty oaks have not only witnessed hundreds of seasons and historical scenes chanting around them, but they also bear testimony to the countless stories buried underneath them. This is one of the most powerful tracks in the album, gradually progressing from graceful tunes to elegant and richer melodies leading to glorious times forward. 

# 3 – The Grove at Dodona (3:55) 

The leaves of oak at the sacred garden of Dodona whispered the words of God into the ears of the ancient priestess. This mythological reference suggested by the title of this opus perfectly aligns with the composition that has a divine work to do in the listeners. The groundwork the track does is phenomenal preparing the hearts for a richer musical treat of powerful divine melodies that will enchant you moving forward. 

# 4 – Runic Roots (4:15) 

This opus is a skillful composition and the chanted word ‘Ansuz’, reflects upon the concept of inner voice and the life-sustaining breath. The soft tunes of the opus drive a powerful message around that stimulates a journey deeper inside one’s inner consciousness. This track is sure to have a magical effect on you. 

# 5 – Call of the Ruins (5:37) 

Oak trees have nurtured cultures and histories for centuries and through generations. They remind us of our ancestors and hence their soft sounds beacon us to remember and recall the past glories. The vocal utterances in the track sound like powerful mantras voicing the need to fall back on the past to take support. ‘Call of the Ruins‘ is a glorious bridge between the past and present. 

# 6 – The Oaken Door (3:30) 

The oak is a symbol of longevity and strength and it connects us to the other worlds assisting us in our eternal journey. As you move forward with this track, you experience a virtual journey into glorious worlds that promise a blissful existence of hope and light. 

# 7 – Dryad’s Rejoice (5:10) 

The oak tree that God created gave birth to the spirits, and other humans. The World Tree known as Dryad speaks of creation, resurgence, and happiness. Mode of joyful notes, this track moves the audience to a state of blissful existence relieved from the sorrows of the mundane life. 

# 8 – Of Badges and Crowns (4:41) 

Oak leaves have been used as imagery of a higher purpose in life and bravery. Appearing on badges, crowns, and royal insignia, oak leaves speak a lofty philosophy of human life and a meaningful existence. There is an element of elegance and royalty all through the track and the tunes make your heart bubble with pride and joy rising you to a state of divine existence. 

# 9 – Under Her Canopy (5:47) 

Oak has the power to heal, guide, and support like a compassionate and understanding mother. This track features conversations in verse and music between the mother and the daughter while the ancestors bless them with their ethereal comfort, love, and light. This opus is highly soothing, comforting, and elevating. 

# 10 – Sapphire Oak (3:55) 

For the author, the oak emits a sapphire blue light, which is characteristic of its protective and nurturing qualities. This track intends to suggest the concepts of radiance, loyalty, trust, and guidance that will move forward leading the listeners to a higher order of existence. The tunes of this track carry an assurance of protection and radiant love. 

# 11 – Carry the Oak (5:35) 

In the end, the author wants to leave her audience with a powerful talisman they can take with them for a happy and safe life ahead. People have been carrying little parts of the oak tree as a sign of protection and this mythological belief is transported to address the needs of the present times. The melodies of this opus leave you with a sense of fulfillment and peace that lingers for so long with you. 

In the End 

There is no denying the fact that the album has a unique persona and magic given its thematic inspiration. The inherent calm of the notes sticks with the listener and brings a joyful peace away from the chaos of the world. Truly, a timely and beautiful gift to the world!